FAQs about Imam Griggs, Islam and Shariah

But what about those that say that Imam Griggs is a very nice man?

Imam Griggs may indeed be a very nice man, but this isn’t about personality, it is about ideology. A pedophile may be the nicest person in the day care center, but when you find out he is a pedophile it is time to take action. Imam Griggs’ ideology is of a radical Islamist and as such the question becomes should he really be given a platform to influence and recruit young, impressionable, sometimes confused, Wake students to his ideology?

Isn’t Islam a religion of Peace?

All the doctrinal texts of Islam divide the entire world into two parts – the Dar al Islam, the house or abode of Peace, and the Dar al Harb, the house or abode of war. Any land which is not governed by the Shariah or Islamic Law is considered the Dar al Harb (the House of War) and all inhabitants are “harbi” or “enemy personnel, persons from the territory of war.” There exists in Islamic Law the permanent command for all Muslims to reduce the Dar al Harb to non-existence until the entire world is subordinated to Islamic Law. The vehicle for accomplishing this is called “Jihad” which is only defined as warfare against non-Muslims until the world is claimed for Islam. There has never been any other definition of Jihad in Islamic Law at any time in history. There is no disagreement among Islamic scholars throughout history on this matter. When the Dar al Islam, the house of “Peace,” reigns in the entire world, meaning all humans on earth are subordinated to Islamic Law, then, according to Islam, there is “Peace.” Since Islamic Law requires the subjugation of non-Muslims as “dhimmis” who must pay a non- Muslim tax (jizya) and take on second-class status within society without the same rights as Muslims under the law, when Islam claims it is a “religion of peace” they are correct. However, their definition of “peace” is equivalent to the Western definition of “slavery.”

Is Jihad a personal struggle?

In Islamic Law, Jihad is always defined as “warfare against non-Muslims,” and is required until all the world is subordinated to Islamic Law. There are different levels of jihad – jihad with the sword, with the pen, with the mouth, with the heart (hate and despise all non- Muslims). This is all warfare. There are different requirements for Offensive jihad (only Caliph or regional leader can order this), and Defensive Jihad (obliged to fight). The concept of a “Defensive war” in Islam is very different from the Western military concept. Land that has ever been claimed for Islam may be retaken under a “defensive” jihad. When any nation is seen by the Muslim world as repressing the Muslims’ ability to practice Islam (ie implement Shariah) a “defensive” jihad can be fought in defense of the Muslim community. In Islam, Jihad is total war. It is, primarily, total war intended to dislocate someone’s faith – faith in their system, their leaders, their God, and all else in their lives. This is why this enemy comes at the West with violence, political warfare, subversion, propaganda, influence operations, and everything else in the warfare trick-bag. They are fighting a total war against us, and we still don’t know the only definition in Islamic Law for “Jihad.

Isn’t there also a lot of violence in Jewish and Christian holy books?

There may be violence in a variety of religions, systems, and groups, and there are sometimes stories of violence in other religious holy books. However, neither Christian nor Jewish law mandates violence, genocide, or murder against other groups or religions, as is required by Muslims against Christians and Jews. Neither does this point, in any way, deal with the present danger to the West from the Global Islamic Movement.

Aren’t most Muslims in America “moderate?”

How does one come to a measurable definition of “moderate?” A 2007 Pew Research poll indicates that 27% of American Muslim males from the age of 18-35 support Al Qaeda. Since nearly every Muslim organization in America is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, most mosques and Islamic Schools are controlled by the MB, and Islamic Schools teach Jihad as fighting, and it is the duty of Muslims to be loyal only to the Islamic State, it is difficult to factually prove that most Muslims in America support a moderate Islamic worldview. As the leaders of “moderate” Turkey and Jordan have recently stated, “There is no moderate Islam. There is no radical Islam. There is only Islam.”

My friend is Muslim, and he says, ”Islam doesn’t stand for this or that…”

That is nice. However, Islam is what its published doctrines say it is – and you can buy it and read it in English. If your friend disagrees that means he either does not know or simply chooses not to conform to Islamic Law here in the U.S. and, therefore, is not a threat. There is also Islamic Jurisprudence that requires Muslims to lie if it furthers the cause of Islam; if your friend just convinced you that Islamic Law is neither important nor valid, then he just furthered the cause of Islam.

There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world – what can you do?

This is a talking point provided by the Muslim Brotherhood. The intent is to get us to freeze and fail to act because the problem appears to be so overwhelming. In fact, regardless of the appearance of the problem, American leadership has an affirmative duty to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, at all costs.

Is it true that Islam is not monolithic inasmuch as they don’t have a Pope?

Islam has a universal doctrine – Islamic Law. Additionally, all Muslim nations are Member States of the OIC, an organization that officially self-identifies itself as representing the Global Islamic community - Ummah. The collective leader of the Ummah is called the Caliph. The OIC calls for the implementation of Shari’ah globally and the re-establishment of the Global Islamic State (Caliphate).

Haven’t most major Muslim organizations condemned “terrorism?”

The entire Muslim world, via official documents of the OIC, defines terrorism as the “killing of a Muslim without right.” Therefore, when Muslims or Muslim organizations condemn terrorism, they are using their terms, not yours.

Is there is a Shariah law that is written down?

Yes. Islamic Law can be purchased in English in every Mosque/Islamic bookstore in the world as well as on amazon.com. It is referenced and quoted by Islamic scholars across the globe.

Are you saying all the major Muslim organizations in America are members of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Evidence entered in the US v Holy Land Foundation trial – the largest successfully prosecuted terrorism financing and Hamas trial in U.S. history – demonstrated that the most prominent Muslim organizations in North America are Muslim Brotherhood organizations, which include: The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim Student Association (MSA), the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), and the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). Evidence further demonstrated that the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a Hamas entity and ISNA & NAIT are Hamas support entities.

Is this Islamophobia or hate speech?

What we have put forth are facts about Islamic Law and the Muslim Brotherhood directly from published sources reflecting either published Islamic Law as put out by the Muslim community or in documents admitted into evidence at a federal trial regarding Muslim Brotherhood front organizations in the United States. Every piece of information presented about Islamic Law and the MB is based on widely used, attainable sources. This is not a ploy to create hate or ruin for Islam; this is meant to inspire protection of and patriotism to the Constitution, and the values our nation was created on. Implementation of Shari’ah law into United States means failure for any American who values individual liberty.

(Portions of the above were adapted from John Guandolo’s writings at Understandingthethreat.com)

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Clare M. Lopez is a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on the Middle East, national defense, WMD, and counterterrorism issues. Specific areas of expertise include Islam and Iran.


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