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4 thoughts on “How to use this blog

  1. The matters raised are serious and merit public discussion. The university has long been an incubator for debate. My hope is that Dean Hatch will relent and allow a public debate, so that the truth can emerge.

  2. Let us allow an Imam to tell us how Islam is the, “Religion of Peace”. Having said that, PLEASE do not refer to the Koran!!! As is typical of Muslims, mention the Crusades, as few care to look that up in America, and will believe. Furthermore, didn’t Muhammad say, “War is deceit”? In other words, say you are peaceful, or even say you are Christian! Oh, heavens. I hope that isn’t true as well!!! In essence, if you are a peaceful Muslim, you are not orthodox. Full stop.

  3. Jelam – What if there is absolute truth? What if there is only one truth? If I jump from a building, I will fall. I will not float. What if there is an absolute truth?

  4. MissCrinkle,
    First, I do believe there are absolute truths. Secondly, the truth, by definition, is exclusive. Were you to jump from a building, heaven forbid, you’d fall to the earth. Period.
    I remain troubled by the duplicity of the Imam and other Muslim clerics who strain to convince that up means down and down means up.
    Mr. Woodsmall has asked, earnestly and respectfully, many serious questions which the Imam, and the university need to address. It is unfortunate, and sophomoric, for the university to hide behind the tired cloak of political correctness and simply hurl insult after insult at Mr. Woodsmall.
    If they are “right” and he is “wrong” prove it in the cauldron of scholarly, competitive and mannerly debate.
    You know, there once was a time when we actually did that in the U.S.

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